Our Industrial Machinery and Equipment Services


At Dynamic Maintenance Inc. we understand that keeping your equipment running is essential in fulfilling your customers needs. Having a reliable maintenance company by your side to help ensure you can minimize your downtime will ensure your profit is at it’s peak. Dynamic Maintenance Inc. has 20 years in millwright experience and can audit, troubleshoot and perform essential repairs to prevent future downtime. All performed with our technical experience in preventative maintenance, equipment audits, hydraulic services, and Equipment Installations. We offer the full spectrum of service from start to finish.


Maintaining your equipment and diagnosing problems before they happen can not only save your company money due to fixing a broken piece of equipment, or worse, having to buy and install a whole new piece of equipment; but also, not meeting deadlines or order requirements can affect your relationships with your customers. Call on Dynamic Maintenance Inc to audit and inspect your equipment and diagnose potential problems and keep your business running efficiently.


Installing new equipment and or equipment upgrades is what keeps businesses profitable as equipment becomes faster and more technologically advanced. In order to install new equipment, you need room for it. We can help by removing your old equipment and refurbishing it as well. Dynamic maintenance has the experience to ensure your equipment will be installed properly and running at maximum efficiency. We ensure your equipment is commissioned properly from the start. 


Dynamic Maintenance Inc. specializes in hydraulic systems. Even small leaks in your system can be costly. We perform the full system audit to fully document required repairs. Having a maintenance company which can supply all required parts for these repairs is what separates us in the industry. Dynamic Maintenance performs the full spectrum of service from the planning of the repairs to implementing the repairs allowing your production to be maximized thru the whole process. Oil analysis is performed on all systems. We offer offline sidestream filtration should your system need it. Bringing your system back to oem specifications is our focus.